Any Girl from 11-111 may attend

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A happy new year to you. Truth be told I am still stuck in 2012 (mentally). My calendar says 2013! so my diary is out and what I penned in as a BOLD VENTURE event for February 2013 is now HERE.

what is BOLD VENTURE (BV) #boldventureuk
In the words of my friend Lee Grady the Director of BV USA . BV is not a programme but an “organic network of men and women who believe we must have authentic relationships in order to impact our world for the Lord” I certainly agree with that (btw Lee and others will be with us at BV UK)

how do we intend to achieve this
through worship, inspirational teaching and conversations in small groups, over a meal or tea. we will be intentional and relational. we will get involved

It will be so exciting if you and perhaps one or two others, your friends can join us in February 2013 for the first BOLD VENTURE event outside the USA. Details are in the downloaded e-flyer and at and registration at (search bold venture UK).

I will write again soon, and tell you about our speakers

Blessings and Best x

psst. any girl from age 11 to 111 can attend this event. please fwd this to all your 11-111